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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi realflash

    I need your help
    I have executed these steps

    1 – “free” to make sure you have some free memory
    2 – “swapoff /dev/xvde2”
    3 – Use fdisk to delete /dev/xvde2
    4 – Follow http://raftaman.net/?p=228 to resize /dev/xvde1
    5 – Reboot from EC2 Management Console . But in Intances/ “status checks” column says ” Instance reachability check failed”. And I cannot connect by SSH.

    My question is: this error is because missing the swap?

    • As in you forgot to recreate the swap partition before booting? I don’t think it has cause your problem, to be honest. Since you can add and remove swap space at any time (as evidenced by the swapoff command) without it causing a problem, then the kernel failing to mount swap space defined in /etc/fstab will probably make no difference. There will just be an error in the logs.

      You can view the kernel output as the machine is switched on to see why it has failed to boot. Select an instance, then click Instance Actions > Get System Log. That should help you and google from there.

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